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WizardFire is a small shop located in California, USA. WizardFire specializes in creating Magic The Gathering Deck Boxes, D&D Dice Rolling Trays, Magic Tokens, and other tabletop-gaming-inspired handmade items as well as gifts for the home and office.

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Inspired by Magic the Gathering cards, Tabletop gaming, and Game Nights, WizardFire was started with the goal of creating original tabletop-gaming accessories and other tabletop-related items. Using a powerful laser cutter, WizardFire carefully laser cuts, engraves, sands, glues, finishes, and puts together a variety of unique gaming products for your enjoyment. Now WizardFire specializes in Magic The Gathering Deck Boxes, MTG Deck Boxes, Dice Trays, and Magic The Gathering Tokens.


Check out how the magnets work on the Cherry Deckboxes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDyIxxOGiSk

Check out the new making-of video for the Big 8" Dice Tray! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rxCeEpoXBs - new and updated Magic-inspired Dungeons and Dragons Dice Rolling Tray.

Visit my wife's store at https://milosmarvelouscrafts.etsy.com

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