Gold Hinge Large Magic The Gathering Deck Box, Handcrafted Real Wood (Fits 720 sleeved)

Fit a large collection in this unique Magic The Gathering Deck Box storage solution.




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Fit a large collection in this unique Magic The Gathering Deck Box storage solution featuring Gold Plastic Hinges and Latches.

This makes for the perfect gift for the Magic lover you know!

Store up to 720 sleeved cards in this distinctive and beautiful Magic The Gathering Hardwood Card Storage Box. This Magic Card Storage Solution can fit up to 4 UltraPRO Deck Boxes with room for extra sleeved cards.

The MTG deckbox lid features Magic Engravings designed by WizardFire that are inspired by the powerful magic flowing from Islands, Forests, Swamps, Mountains, and Plains.

⭐ The card storage solution is 9.25" long x 6.75" wide, and 4.73" tall, with a divider in the middle.

⭐ The deck box has a 3D Printed custom designed Hinged Lid and Latch Closure with Gold Screws. Latch close the lid so that you may keep any cards from falling out.

⭐ The card storage container is sturdy made from Real Cherry wood, Aspen wood, or a Strong Plywood depending on wood stocks available. The box will protect your cards well.

⭐ MTG card storage boxes are hand sanded and finished with non-toxic Beeswax wood finish.

⭐ This makes for an excellent gift for the avid magic player, and is really perfect for Friday Night Magic, game nights, Commander, EDH, or makes an excellent Magic The Gathering Christmas Gift. If you are purchasing as a Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift, please consider ordering 2 weeks in advance to be on the safe side.

⭐ FREE Shipping! Carefully handcrafted by WizardFire and made in the USA.

⭐ Money Back Guarantee: WizardFire wants to make sure you are very satisfied with your new wood MTG Deck Box. If you are not happy for any reason with your new Deck Box WizardFire will accept returns within 14 days and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee Full Refund or send you a completely new replacement Deck Box—just let WizardFire know!

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Cards not included. Items may appear slightly different than photos as each cut of wood has some differences.
Please note that each wood item is handcrafted and may have some minor imperfections.

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