Tree of Life Tarot Box, 2 Deck Tarot Card Box, Wooden Tarot Box

Safely store two of your tarot decks in this beautiful handmade tarot card deck box.




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Safely store two of your tarot decks in this beautiful handmade tarot card deck box. Featuring beautiful Tree of Life engravings on the top, surrounded by intricate and detailed floral decorative borders, a celestial sun on the front, and symbols of infinity in the celtic style.

This makes for a perfect gift for the tarot lover you know!

This unique tarot box is perfect for tarot cards, oracle cards, trinkets, jewelry, crystals, incense, tea bags, or other keepsake personal items.

For the ancient Celts, trees were sacred, viewed as the source of all life and imbued with extraordinary powers. This belief gave rise to the enduring Irish symbol of the Tree of Life, representing the harmonious interconnection between the realms of heaven, earth, and the underworld.

🔮 Made with Real 1/4" Cherry wood.

🔮 The hinges and latches are made from a strong 3D printed plastic.

🔮 Dyed using a completely non-toxic vintage hickory.

🔮 Finished with non-toxic protectant beeswax carnauba and orange-oil finish.

🔮 Each tarot card box is made in California, USA.

🔮The Spirit Box Makes a great Gift for her or as a jewelry organizer or for someone who is spiritually inclined.

Money Back Guarantee: WizardFire wants to make sure you are very satisfied with your new tarot box. If you are not happy for any reason with your new Deck Box WizardFire will accept returns within 14 days and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee Full Refund or send you a completely new replacement Deck Box—just let WizardFire know!

Width: 7.75 inches
Depth: 5.85 inches
Height: 3.75 inches
Inside: 3.4" x 5.3" inches

The color of the box may differ than what appears on screen. Items may appear slightly different than photos as each cut of wood has some differences. Please note that each wood item is handcrafted and may have some minor imperfections.

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